The Academy

The MAGGIE LOO Models & Beauties Academy (ML-MBA) is a well established name in the modelling, fashion and beauty pageant industry, founded by Maggie Loo, Miss Malaysia Universe 1973 who, through the decades, has personally trained, groomed and produced many beauty queens, celebrated models and well-known celebrities.

At the ML–MBA, we provide you a conducive environment, practical and interactive learning processes, together with expert guidance and advice to help you acquire the essential knowledge and skills to enhance your personality and give you a complete new look in life.

We offer a variety of courses and workshops to suit different needs, from personal, corporate, children and youth grooming to industry focused courses for aspiring models and beauty queens. The grooming courses are suitable for all walks of people from children to adults, from students to professionals, and from home-makers to company executives. We cater to any person or groups, and individuals may request for private coaching if so wished.

We strive to give you the best advantage and solution to meet your needs and help you succeed in realizing your goal. Our extensive experience, expertise, resources and track record are your assurances of reputation, professionalism, integrity and competency !




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