The path towards achieving success in life is multidimensional. Young people must be given an early understanding of reality, that by getting great grades alone do not guarantee them job offers, if they do not project a good impression or if they lack communication skills during job interviews.

Likewise, in their daily encounters with people whether at home, in school or at work they need to cultivate and apply social intelligence, mind their actions and behavior, boost their physical appearance in order to instill confidence in them-selves and improve other people’s perception of them so as to build better relationships and develop opportunities.

This course will help young people to exude their inner-confidence, discern their actions, charm and portray the best of themselves in any situation.

Course Content : Key Topics

1.Evaluating Self-Values.

2.Projecting a Positive Impression.

3.Cultivating Social Intelligence.

4.Practising Social Graces.

5. Enhancing Mental Aptitude.

6. Acquiring Communication Skills.

Other available courses :

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Social Academics


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