Social Academics


Getting invited to attend social functions or gatherings can be both exciting and distressing. It can put one in a frenzy, worrying over what to wear how to present and carry oneself properly; how to act and behave when interacting with people; minding one’s language and manner of communication; what to do when dining with respect to table etiquette, etc.

The Social Academics course will equip you with skills to address your worries or concerns, and help you build your confidence in projecting a proper image and in getting along with others to fit in any social settings and situations.

Course Content : Key Topics

1.Projecting a Positive Impression.

2.Cultivating Social Intelligence.

3.Practising Courtesies and Social Graces.

4.Displaying right Body Language.

5. Enhancing Mental Aptitude.

6.Acquiring Interpersonal Skills.

Other available courses :

I Want to be a Beauty Queen

I Want to be a Model

Groom For A Change



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