I Want To Be A Model


Harbouring a wish or ambition to be a Model ? If you have a strong desire to realise your goal, the crucial pledge you have to make is Commitment ! Although the lifestyle of a Model may be perceived as glamorous and glittery, however, modelling as a profession is not a bed of roses. It is highly competitive, demanding and challenging. It is an industry where emphasis is not based on looks alone but equally essential are your personality and presence.

This course will show you the ropes on what it really takes to be a competent Model. It will equip you with the essential modelling techniques, personal care and styling, social skills and personality development to help you improve your self-image, self-presentation and boost your confidence in order to unlock your potential.

Course Content : Key Topics

1.What it takes to be a Model.
2.Grooming & Personality Development.
3.Technical Skills- Runway & Photo-shoot.
4.Fashion Sense & Presentation. Skills.
5.Social, Behavioral & Communication Skills.
6. Preparation for job assignments.

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