I Want To Be A Beauty Queen


Whatever your intention or aim of joining a Beauty Pageant, if you are serious of wanting to realise your dream of being a Beauty Queen, you need to give yourself the competitive edge by knowing what it takes and how to prepare and equip yourself for the quest.

Self-evaluation is in order, you need to be aware of the essential requisites of the contest and whether you have the attributes to meet the requirement. In a Beauty contest, having the looks and stature will give you the head start, however, it is not sufficient to make you a Beauty Queen. Equally important and endearing qualities to possess include poise, charisma, stage presence, intelligence, communication skills, talent and compassion. 

With our expertise and extensive experience in this industry and having groomed and made many “queens”, we can also help you to gain the competitive advantage to realise your dream of becoming a Beauty Queen !

Course Content : Key Topics

2.Personality Development and Styling.
3.Mental Aptitude.
4.Behaviour & Communication.
5.Deportment, Posture & Poise.
6.Social Intelligence & Etiquette.

Other available courses :

Groom for a change

I Want to be a Model

Social Academics





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