Groom For A Change


Image plays an important and significant role in determining your success in life. Like a butterfly, which evolves from the stage of a cocoon to be a  full-blown beauty, your life can take on a whole new meaning when you enhance your image or give it an overhaul if it does not seem to be leading you anywhere.

You deserve the opportunity to make your life more exciting, rewarding and fulfilling ! Change your IMAGE and you can change your life  !

This course is designed to help you discover and appreciate the new you through proper grooming so as to give you a positive outlook and enhance your personality at the same time.

Course Content : Key Topics

1.Boost your Physical Appearance.

2.Help you mind your Actions & Mannerisms.

3.Improve your Communication Skills.

4.Cultivate Social Etiquette.

5. Enhance your Mental Aptitude.

Other available courses :

I Want to be a Beauty Queen

I Want to be a Model

Social Academics



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